About Us

Childs Architecture opened for business March 19, 2001 at 24 Vardry Street with Suzanne Childs as the principal architect. Sue Eastland joined the firm as office manager in August 2001. Over the years, several interns and drafters have contributed to the success of the firm. Currently, Jacob Edmond, a fourth year architecture student at Clemson is rounding out the team, and H. Harold Tarleton, Jr. FAIA is acting as advisor. We have always held a firm commitment to sustainable design and are LEED accredited by the US Green Building Council.

Certified Woman Owned Business

Childs Architecture is a state certified Woman Owned Business.

Our Process

Careful Analysis

We always start by studying our clients’ needs and objectives. Our business clients may want to focus on increased efficiency in their operations, while our residential clients may desire a home that suits their lifestyle. Either way, we begin with an intense interview to understand and prioritize needs and goals for the project. We develop a spreadsheet that becomes a guide for design, outlining spaces, their sizes, relationships, and characteristics. We are also careful to check budget early in the process to avoid disappointment.

Creative Approach

We believe in exploring options in the early stages of design to determine the best path for the project. We explore options quickly, using sketches and sometimes 3D modeling. By deliberately seeking more than one design solution, we offer clients the ability to select ideas that suit them best.

Pulling It Together

After reviewing options, we pull the best ideas together into a cohesive design. This usually involves some compromises, so being tuned into clients’ priorities is critical.

Ironing Out The Details

Once the bones of the project are set, the flesh of the design develops. We strive to keep things simple and true to the project concept. The style of the project, whether modern, classical, craftsman, or old world, is expressed throughout the building. Each column, window, light fixture and piece of trim is selected and designed to contribute to the character of the whole.


As the design concept solidifies, we review preliminary drawings with clients and compare them with the original program spreadsheet and the project budget. Before investing effort and energy in details, we confirm that the design aligns with the client’s project goals.

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Childs Architecture, LLC P.O. Box 2372, Greenville, S.C., 29602

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24 Vardry Street, Suite 302 Greenville, S.C., 29601

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